Potters from the ICARO Rodi Manufactory – Nikolaos Yasiranis

One of the most well known Rhodian potters is Nikolaos Yasiranis that was born in Rhodes in 1901. Yasiranis received his first lessons in pottery from his father Savvas that used to be a potter in Asia Minor. As a child he worked as an apprentice in a pottery workshop in Rhodes and later set up his own in the village of Archangelos. At the age of 27 he was one of the first locals to be hired as a craftsman by the Italian manufactory of ICARO (see “Greece / ICARO-ΙΚΑΡΟ” page for more information).
In 1944 N. Yasiranis desided to left ICARO and returned to Archangelos in order to restart his old workshop. Although at the begining he imitated some of the ICARO production (see Madonna di Filerimos), being inspired and influenced by the local tradition, he worked freely on plates, pots with anthropomorphic shapes and clay dolls with the traditional costumes of the Dodecanese Islands. Nikolaos Yasiranis retired in 1957 (workshop continued by his son Stephanos) and died in 1973.

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