59. Pesaro Apothecary Jug – Casali Callegari

Pesaro Jar 18th - Private Collection Athens Greece

A maiolica apothecary jar from Pesaro, Italy. Late 18th century, pottery example from the workshop of Casali Callegari, decorated with stylized flowers in daisy pattern. The art of earth and fire in Pesaro dates back to the thirteenth century. From the second half of the Fourteenth century Pesaro became one of the centers of artistic ceramics with great influence and importance. Height 19,5 cm, Private collection Athens Greece.
Vaso da farmacia. Decorazione alla margherita, h. cm 19,5. Pesaro, fabbrica Casali Callegari, seconda meta del XVIII sec. Coll. Privata, Atene.

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