61. Grottaglie Jug (Srulu) – Rooster 19th

Puglia (Italy) 19th - Private Collection Athens Greece

Jug from Grottaglie (province of Taranto, Puglia, southern Italy). The front is painted with a rooster between two trees (typical background for Grottaglie’s painted ceramics). The ceramic production has represented the wealth of the town for centuries. The numerous ceramic finds, tracing back to the Classical Age, reveal the antique roots of this handicrafts production which was privileged by the presence of considerable amounts of clay in the surrounding territory. This type of jug is called “srulu” in local dialect (h 32 cm, 19th century). Private collection Athens, Greece.

Brocca (srulu) di Grottaglie decorate a stelle e con il gallo, simbolo della maiolica grottagliese. La brocca e databile seconda meta’ dell’ 800. Altezza 32 cm. Coll. Privata, Atene.

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