Canakkale Pottery – Ceramic Plate with Giraffe Figure 19th

Canakkale 19th - Tiled Kiosk Museum Istanbul Turkey

Canakkale plate dated from the 2nd half of 19th century. Red earthenware (usual) with light – yellow glaze, and the animal figure of a giraffe in the middle of trees.
It was the early 17th century when Canakkale ceramics (souvenirs rather than objects of daily use) became an object of enough interest to catch the attention of foreign travelers. Canakkale ceramists (mostly Armenians, Greeks and Turks) gained popularity in time and benefiting from the Canakkale’s geographical location (port near the Aegean sea) to heavily export jugs and plates as souvenirs in Greece (emphasis in islands as Skyros and Rhodes), France (Avignon) and Russia among other.
A rare and much desired object for any collector (Tiled Kiosk Museum – Istanbul, Turkey).

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