Yiasiranis Savas Rhodes Greece 20th c

Yiasiranis (Rhodes) 20th - Private Collection Greece

Giant ceramic figure of a horseman, made ​​by Savas Yiasiranis from Archangelos Rhodes. Son of the famous craftsman Nicholas Yiasiranis, former master potter of the Icaros factory, Savas continues (as well as his brother Stephanos) the family tradition by making human and animal figures, dolls with traditional costumes of the Dodecanese and idols in a bell shape. Most of these ceramics are sold at fairs all over the island, especially in the feast which takes place on September 8th at the old monastery of Panagia Tsampika near the village of Archangelos. Despite his advanced age, Savas continues to make folk ceramics which reflect the popular taste and spontaneity of their creator. Private collection, Athens Greece

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