Cerreto Sannita Dated 1737 – Soup Toureen

Italy 18th - Private Collection Greece

Soup toureen from Cerreto Sannita (dated 1737 on its basis). Cerreto Sannita is a municipality in the Province of Benevento in the Italian region Campania, located about 60 km northeast of Naples. The ceramics art tradition flourished in Cerreto after the earthquake of 1688. Many craftsmen came to rebuild the city, including many master potters who brought their invaluable skills. Thanks to the Neapolitan potters, Cerreto’s pottery reached high levels of artistic and decorative quality. At the beginning of the ‘700 and throughout the 19th century there is a flourishing production of authentic works of art (private collection Athens Greece).

Zuppiera in ceramica di Cerreto Sannita, datata 1737,Coll. Privata, Atene

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