Italy Rapino – St Rocco 1914

Italy Rapino – Private Collection Greece

Water pitcher with St. Rocco who shows his wound of the plague and a dog holding a piece of bread in his mouth (dated 1914, Rapino, Italy). St. Roch or Rocco was born at Montpellier and had traveled to Italy in the 14th c. to tend to the sick during the plague. He himself fell ill and was expelled from Rome. He withdrew into the forest, where he made himself a hut of boughs and leaves. As St. Rocco lay ill in a cave, a stray dog belonging to a nobleman, brought him bread and licked his wounds, healing them. Rapino is a typical Abruzzese mountain town noted for its long tradition of making ceramics, which continues today. The Feast of San Rocco is a religious celebration held on the 16th of August. For this traditional festival in honour of the pilgrim saint, people flock to drink water from a miraculous fountain with a typical decorated ceramic jug made by the craftsmen of Rapino (private collection, Athens Greece).

Boccale in ceramica con effigie di S. Rocco, Rapino (Coll. Privata, Atene).

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