1. The world of clay

Canakkale 19th - Private Collection Athens Greece

Soil, water and fire. With the same materials that men produced the first pots few thousand years ago, potters continue to mould their ceramics in our days. The pottery is one of the most ancient human activities. Ceramics is our passion. We are impressed by their form and variety, fascinated by the beauty of their drawings and colors, charmed by their simplicity and also their complexity. After several years of collecting ceramics, we created this site to share with you our knowledge and love for pottery. Through the ceramics, we are seeking for forgotten and living traditions, techniques, influences and effects, signs and symbols, historical events, scenes of daily life and human stories, from Greece, the Balkans, Europe and Asia. We hear the “voices” of objects themselves and transmit them to all of you, who wish to experience this wonderful silent world of clay.

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