38. Pesaro Jug Inscribed in Greek with a Drinking Verse

Pesaro 18th - Private Collection Athens Greece

Wine ceramic jug from Pesaro Italy (end of the 18th c.). The jug is inscribed in Greek with a drinking verse and is decorated with bouquets of brightly colored foliage. At the bottom there is the mark of Casali and Callegari (C.C.) manufactory (period Ippolito Casali & Filippo A. Callegari, 1787 – 1810). The verse in Greek is: Δεν πίνουν οι Τούρκοι το κρασί, το πίνουν οι Ρωμαίοι, το πίνουν η φτωχολογιά, ν’ αλησμονούν τα χρέη (that in free translation says, it is not the Turks that drink the wine, it is the Greeks, it is the poor people in order to forget the debts). Above the verse there are initials (Θ. ΓΡ.) probably from the person that made the order or the one who was going to receive the jug as a present.

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