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Page 1. Zarafa, a giraffe which became France’s darling

The Beloved Zarafa Private Collection France

Soil, water and fire. With the same materials that men produced the first pots few thousand years ago, potters continue to mould their ceramics in our days. The pottery is one of the most ancient human activities…

We totally agree, but this page our friends has something different, something unique that not all pottery lovers can feel. This page is about the soul and passion that only the story behind a beloved ceramic can provide. Keep in your hands the most beautiful, the most expensive, the most important pitcher that you posses. Try to describe why it is important for you when you do not know the story behind it. Not so easy as there is always something more, a story missing.

Madonna di Fileremo Private Collection Greece

A story is like a fairy tale for older children. A fairy tale that may be real, part of our history, of our civilization, of our every-day life. Because these tales often come from historical events, natural phenomena and human stories, which touched the soul of the craftsmen and have been transferred with spontaneity on their ceramics.

Ceramics can talk, but their “voices” are perceived only by the initiated. We listen to the “voices” of ceramics and pass them on all of you. An exciting journey inside the silent world of pottery has just begun.

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