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Page 1. France – Mid 16th till 19th century

France - J. Speed 1626

The tradition and history of French ceramics (Poterie Francais – la ceramique Francaise) has a strong influence from the Italian pottery. It was Italian potters like Sebastiano Griffo from Genoa, Gian Francesco from Pesaro, Gambin and Tardessire from Faenza among others that established the early potteries in Lyon around the mid 16th century.The Lyon patterns of that age were influenced from the Tuscany production and were almost impossible to separate from the examples made in Italy (especially due to the fact that Italian potters continued to use Italian inscriptions although working in France). In 1540, one of the most important and inspired potter, Bernard Palissy, established his pottery in Saintes advancing a new category of ceramics called “rustiques figulines”. Nevers and Rouen will be the most important areas with pottery workshops during 17th century. As the 17th century continues, France produced ceramics of purely French origin with no Italian influence with Moustiers, Marseilles, Strasburg, Lorraine and Quimper to be important part of the French pottery history among many others.

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